Nuclear Bunker

Nuclear Bunker Data Center. Powerful, secure, accessible.

Using underground infrastructure, Nuclear Bunker Data Center offers its customers an extensive range of IT outsourcing services. Nuclear Bunker Data Center is underground in the basement of the building and features walls up to 100 cm in width and is protected from natural disasters. Nuclear Bunker Data Center is provided with a continual power supply which is guaranteed with the assistance of UPS systems, diesel generators and two independent power supplies.

Nuclear Bunker Data Center power advantages:

Following the completion of major renovation and modernisation work at our premises, the Nuclear Bunker Data Center is equipped with the latest technologies and security systems which ensure the stable and continual operation of the Data Center - 24x7. This enables us to provide high security and quality guarantees for all of the services provided by the Data Center.

Nuclear Bunker Data Center employees are qualified project managers and IT resource management specialists, including experienced Microsoft specialists, Unix systems and Oracle DBVS administrators who provide professional customer service and guarantee their commercial competitiveness within the market by reducing IT infrastructure maintenance and service costs, thus creating and consolidating successful pre-conditions for the company’s further economic growth.

These services are divided into few main groups:

  • Colocation of servers and other equipment;
  • Server hire and colocation;
  • Server space hire;
  • Data backup copying;
  • Software hire;
  • Operational system monitoring.

Customer benefits:

  • 24x7 communications operational control for all customer servers hosted by the Nuclear Bunker Data Center;
  • 24x7 technical support;
  • 2 independent power sources;
  • UPS system for short-term breaks in power supply;
  • Diesel generators to guarantee power;
  • Powerful intelligent cooling system;
  • Protection against natural disasters.