Nuclear Bunker
About Us

Built in 1976 and was used as reserve until 1991. The last maintenance of the bunker took place on 10 January 1991. The purpose of the bunker was to provide shelter and protection in case of a nuclear explosion (war, Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant). Total size of the bunker is 630 square meters. The bunker is in the basement of the building and features walls up to 100 cm in width. The bunker has been built for nuclear war so no GSM signal is transmitted through thick walls, which also protect against EMP’s. The project commenced in October 2009. The reconstruction included the replacement of all telecommunications, power system, plumbing, sewerage, ventilation system, as well as dismantling of old heating system.

Bunker features renovated safe doors 200x140cm in size with automated opening / closing system, electronic entrance control system with Proximity cards. Two electrical inlets are installed via two different routes from two different sub-stations, as well as two optical connection inlets, which are installed via two different routes by two service providers (TEO, Skaidula). Individual optical inlet is installed from the data exchange unit at Savanorių 176, 14a (Omnitel, Bitė, Tele2, CSC Telecom, Baltneta, iTi, LRTC, B4Net). Currently the internet connection is ensured by 2 internet service providers - TEO and Bitė (2x1Gigabit to Lithuania, 2x500Mbps to whole World). Following the reconstruction of ventilation system, an efficient ventilation solution was introduced, outdoor temperature in Lithuania is less than 20C for up to 11 months per year, thereby saving electric power, used by other service providers for cooling. 2 rooms were equipped for placement of data center servers. Premises were calculated for placement of up to 200 42" racks. Totaly is up to 8500U. There are two independent electrical inlets ensuring uninterrupted electricity supply and UPS ensuring electricity support at the moment of switching. All active equipment, including ventilation, is fed from UPS. Himoinsa generator installed outside the building. All premises are equipped with water collection system. Sewerage was replaced, reverse valve as well as emergency water removal pump was installed. Efficient ventilation was installed: cold air is supplied directly to the server racks, hot air is removed immediately when blown out of the servers. Each rack is equipped with an individual 3 phase electricity supply cable, enabling us to provide rack with a connection up to 20kVa. Where necessary, each rack may have individual electricity meters or managed PDU unit.